Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Up And Running!

One of the best things about learning how to code is being able to create whatever is in your imagination and showcase it for the world to see. You can take something as a simple idea of a flappy bird trying to reach one end of your smartphone screen to the other while avoiding randomly generated pipes and make a fortune of it. Or take some candy canes and link them together with while having them explode and have everyone from your grandmother to your little sister try to crush these peppermints for hours out of their day. The ability to take an idea and put it on your phone is no small feet at all. However, the effort that you put into it and seeing that effort materialize itself is a joy that not many people have the privilege to know. All you have to do when it comes to coding is take things one step at a time and not put too much pressure on yourself to get things right overnight. I mean look some of the favorite apps that you use today, they all started out as ideas in the minds of the ones who created them. They took the time out to learn their craft and put in the work one character at a time until one day everything just clicked. So to my readers I say create small goals that you can see and track your progress, link up with others, and go out there and create the next facebook app. We have the limitless power and resource of the internet itself to help us realize our dreams.

Keep on hacking!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The more that I spend time learning how to create software the more optimistic the future looks for me. Funny how in the beginning of my college career I was saying to myself when I choose to pursue a degree in computer science that I really didn’t want to learn to program because of how hard it appeared to be. But the deeper into the craft that I dig the more I realize that it's not all that difficult. It's pretty much like learning how to speak Spanish or french. Once you learn it, you can’t unlearn it, and no-one can take that away from you. The deeper down this rabbit hole that I go, the deeper I want to go. Soon I'll be efficient enough to put myself out there as a software engineer on social media websites and really kick my new career into the next level. As the tradition of computer programming goes one of the first programs that you learn to write is “Hello World”. Now the only problem is trying to choose which language to devote me to learning. At the moment it seems the first place to begin is learning the backbone of the internet itself and that learning HTML along with CSS and javascript. There are plenty of other languages out there I can sink my teeth into like swift and PHP, but I feel like those skills will come in handy after the foundation is built on the concepts of coding itself.

Monday, February 24, 2014

One of my most fondest memories are those when I was in the woods somewhere in virginia playing some of the best games of hide and seek in history.